The Fin Guide Tool creates a template for positioning fins around a body tube. The template can be printed actual size.

Sit the rocket's body tube on the guide over the circle in the center of the printout. The lines on the guide indicate the positions of the fins around the body tube. You can use the lines to help you mark the body tube, to position fins, or to check the alignment of fins.

You can also use the guide to create a jig for holding fins in place until the glue dries. Print the guide on heavy paper (or glue the printout to a sheet of foam board) and cut out the hole for the body tube and the slits for the fins. The guide can then be slid over the rocket's body tube and fins to help position then and hold them in place while they are glued to the body tube.

This tool creates a PDF file. You will need a copy of Adobe Reader to view and print it.

Fill out and submit the form to create the template.

This tool is still in development. Join the discussion to report bugs and suggest enhancements.